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Dr. Donna Campbell

Dr. Campbell graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Texas Christian University. She then went on to earn her Master of Arts and Doctor of Psychology degrees in Clinical Psychology at Argosy University. She has been licensed to practice psychology in the state of Texas since 2010. Dr. Campbell is an active member of Fort Worth Psychological Association, as well as Texas Psychological Association.


Dr. Campbell completed her pre-doctoral internship at The Children’s Assessment Center in Houston, Texas. During her intership, she provided individual and group psychotherapy to children who were victims of sexual abuse, as well as to the victim's siblings and non-offending caregivers. She also conducted psychological evaluations, suicide risk assessments and extended forensic evaluations. Dr. Campbell's post-doctoral residency was at Cook Children’s Psychology Clinic in Denton, Texas. During her residency, she completed psychological and neuropsychological assessments on children and adolescents from the ages of 2 to 19. Areas of assessment included learning disabilities and mental retardation, attention problems, mood disorders, developmental disorders (including Autism spectrum disorders), psychotic disorders, disruptive behavior disorders, seizure disorders, fetal alcohol exposure, cerebral atrophy and head trauma.


Prior to starting her private practice, Dr. Campbell worked with CK Family Services. She completed psychological assessments on children and adolescents involved in the foster care and adoption systems, as well as adults per requirement of their DFPS service plan. She also provided individual, play and family psychotherapy to foster and post adoption children. Dr. Campbell began her private practice in 2011, and she  focuses on improving the lives of children by providing therapeutic services such as play, individual and family therapy. Additionally, she completes psychological assessments on children and adolescents dealing with learning disabilities, attention problems, mood disorders, developmental disorders, psychotic disorders and/or disruptive behavior. Dr. Campbell is also formally trained in the use of the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). She also utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Play Therapy and Sand Tray Therapy.


Dr. Campbell specializes in treating children who have been victims of trauma, including sexual, physical and emotional abuse. She prefers to approach therapy with youth in a flexible manner in order to increase their comfort level, as well as their willingness to trust her and the therapeutic process. Regardless of the issue, parents are an integral part of the therapeutic process.


Dr. Angelica Kim

Dr. Kim graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Central Oklahoma. She then went on to earn her Masters and PhD degrees in School Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado. 


Dr. Kim completed her pre-doctoral internship at Cypress Fairbanks ISD in Cypress, Texas. During her internship, she engaged in school-based evaluation and service delivery for students with disabilities. Areas of evaluation included attention problems, mood-related disorders, emotional and behavioral issues, and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Additionally, Dr. Kim was involved in providing therapeutic services using Kazdin’s Parent Management Training (PMT) Model for families with children who experienced a variety of behavioral and emotional issues as well as those families who have children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Currently, Dr. Kim is a provisionally licensed psychologist under direct supervision of Dr. Donna Campbell and specializes in treating individuals with a variety of emotional and behavioral problems. A particular interest of Dr. Kim’s is working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder who may be considered high functioning and are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Dr. Kim enjoys working with all ages and finds value in bettering the life of all individuals who are suffering from anxiety and depression. Dr. Kim believes the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist is imperative for the success of therapy. As a result, Dr. Kim utilizes client centered therapeutic approach and is flexible in the treatment modality utilized to best serve the client and their needs. Dr. Kim’s ultimate goal in life is to help better the lives of children, their families, and all individuals as they navigate the world and to help them find the tools to lead meaningful and rich lives.


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